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My brother, Alfred is still in hospital. His pneumonia has returned and is getting weaker.


Lois fell and broke her wrist in two places, please put her on the prayer chain. thank you


Mike, my brother-in-law, was just taken to the hospital emergency with Covid complications. He is getting blood work and chest xrays.


My brother-in-la Mike, who had the double lung transplant two years ago has Covid 19. He has had ongoing difficulties over these last two years. We are believing for a quick recovery and no trip to the hospital.


My coworker gave me permission to share this. Sometime yesterday afternoon, her daughter and her daughter's boyfriend were involved in a shooting while getting ice cream in St Louis. Her daughter was thankfully only shot in the heel and is currently home and resting, but her daughter's boyfriend received more extensive injuries. My coworker is unsure of where he was shot, but she has been told either in his chest or abdomen, and he had been in surgery from the time they reached the hospital yesterday until a couple of hours ago. From what I know, he is currently out of surgery, resting and is stable. Please pray they continue to heal physically and emotionally and that there are no complications resulting from these injuries.

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